Evaluation Procedure

Eligibility  Criteria

The selection criteria of the candidates are the following:

- Innovation in research subject or research method ,

- The impact of the candidate's research  work on the current state of her/his field of science

- International standing in their field of research,






All completed candidatures submitted to the KIA go through the following evaluation process:

Applications  can only be submitted electronically through the online platform.  

  1. Applications  are directed to the Secretariat for  registration.
  2. Applications sent after the deadline  are kept for the next KIA Session.
    Incomplete applications, including requested documents, are eliminated.
  3. Applications  are distributed according to their fields of participation, to the Scientific Committees.
  4. Scientific Committees review every application. Candidates maybe contacted for further information.
  5. Scientific Committees submit their recommendations and the names of the finalists  to the Grand Jury for final evaluation.
  6. The Grand Jury meets in person to discuss the applications and select the KIA Laureates per Scientific Committees.
  7. The final decision is unanimous