Who can apply?

The Khwarizmi International Award is  exceptional as  this scientific contest is also open to individuals, no special recommendation or nomination is requested.


Eligibility for the KIA is not excluded by previous prizes awarded to the applicant. To qualify for consideration as a candidate for the Khwarizmi International Award, the research work must be completed.


Applications are accepted in the following fields: Aerospace, Civil Engineering, Materials, Metallurgy & New Energies, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Animal Sciences & Veterinary Medicine, Electrical & Computer, Mechanics, Basic Sciences, Green Technology, Mechatronics, Biotechnology & Basic Medical Sciences, Industry & Technology Management, Medical Sciences, Chemical  Technologies, Information Technology, Nanotechnology.


All completed applications will be reviewed by Scientific Committees  which are comprised of national and international scientific members, all of whom are  specialists  and  recognized experts in their fields. Upon conclusion of this primary review process, a ballot of  Finalists will be prepared.  The KIA Grand Jury  reviews this ballot  and select the  KIA Laureates.