Celebrating the Silver Anniversary


1987  was  the  first  year  when   the  Khwarizmi  Award    was  presented.  Since  that year,   25 issues of the  Khwarizmi International Award  Reports  were produced, annually, they were  published  on time before every KIA  award ceremony .

For celebrating the Silver Anniversary of the KIA, a  special  milestone  edition has been published. The observance of the 25th  anniversary of  the KIA took place during the award ceremony  of the 25th   edition. It’s no exaggeration to say that  the history of the KIA  is essentially  the representation  of  the  trend  and  evolution  of  science  in    the rep. I. of Iran. This special edition not only celebrates  excellence in Science and Technology  but shows how  the country  succeeded  in helping  to  foster  a  culture  in  which innovation and  invention  are  encouraged  and recognized  at every level.